What subdividions make up the Mstreets?


Munger Place
Munger Place got its start back in 1905. The area suffered a severe decline during the era of “redlining” in the 1950s and 1960s, but today it has been mostly restored to its original magnificence. The area is populated with large Victorian style homes with a unique character all their own.

Greenland Hills
Greenland Hills is the heart of the M Streets. The neighborhood gets its name from the frequent “M” street names such as McComas and Mercedes. The area includes the lower Greenville area of Dallas, and is dominated by the Tudor-style homes.

Vickery Place
Vickery Place was founded in 1911 and abounds with Craftsman bungalows, Tudors and old-growth Pecan trees. One of the original suburbs of Dallas, it is a piece of Dallas history in the middle of thriving residential and commercial neighborhoods.
Vickery Place Homeowners’ Association